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Frequently Asked Question's - Rent Supplement

Q. When will my rental supplement be effective?
A. Once approved the subsidy is effected for the first of the following month.  

Q:What is the maximium annual income to qualify for the program?


Income Limits
Community 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom

Black Diamond, Bragg Creek, Nanton, Turner Valley, Claresholm

MD Foothills, County of Vulcan, MD Willow Creek
33,500 37,500 42,000 46,000
High River 34,500 41,000 54,500 62,000
Okotoks 38,000 44,000 51,000 58,500


Please note the funding is based on the number of bedroom required by the household not the number of bedrooms in the home.     

Q. What is considered to be a dependent child?
A. Any unmarried child, stepchild, adopted child or legal ward who is: under 18 years of age; or, under 25 and registered in full-time school or university; or a child of any age who is accepted as dependent for income tax purposes due to mental or physical infirmity.


Q. What if I haven’t filed and income tax return?
A. If you and/or your spouse have not filed your current tax return you will not be eligible for the program.


Q. What if I have other family members 18 years or older living with me or I share with other adults?
A. Depending on the number of adults living in the rental unit, a portion of the full monthly rent will be allocated to your household and this amount will be used when calculating supplement through the program.


Q. My minor child (under age 18) has a part-time job; do I need to declare their income?
A. No, as long as the child is between the ages of 15 and 18 years and is in full-time schooling. If a minor child between the ages of 15 and 18 years is not in school and is working, then yes that child’s income is considered as household income.


Q. How will I know the status of my Rental Supplement Program Application?
A. If approved, Westwinds Communities will contact you by telephone. If your application is not approved you will then be contacted by mail.


Q. What happens if my income changes?
A. The supplement is based on your current income, any changes in income must be immediately reported.  


Q. What happens if I go on income supplement?
A. You will no longer be eligible for the Rental Supplement Program once you start receiving Income Supplement. Failure to advise Westwinds Communities that you are receiving income supplement will result in a debt that will need to be repaid.


Q. What happens if I move or my rent amount changes?
A. You must inform Westwinds Communities immediately so that we can make the necessary changes to your file.  Failure to notify Westwinds Communities in advance of your move will result in program termination.


Q. Is there a minimum level of supplement?
A. The minimum level of supplement anyone can receive is $40.00 per month.


Q. What is considered to be an asset?
A. Assets are defined as stocks, bonds, term deposits, mutual funds, cash real estate equity and vehicles. Assets that are exempted from consideration include personal affects such as furniture, jewelry, vehicles, RESPs and RRSPs, and tools and equipment required for employment.


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